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Jordan Blann, Graduate
Class of 2012

I came to West Memphis Christian in 10th grade, and I graduated last year in the class of 2012. From the very first day of my new school, I absolutely loved it. The realization of being a part of a school family was incredible to me. Everyone knew everyone. At lunch, you never saw anyone sitting by themselves. If there was someone that sat alone at a table, you would always see someone walk over to them and invite them to eat with them. I was completely amazed by what I saw day in and day out. The hallways between classes were always full of students trying to talk to as many of their friends as possible before classes. I never once saw anyone go through the hall without talking to someone. Maybe I was just oblivious from all of the catching up I was trying to do, but I don't remember ever seeing that happen. One of the neatest things about the school is the friendships made from all ages. 7th-12 graders are all in one building and that causes for a lot of mentoring and role modeling to be done. Actually, one of my best friends my senior year was a freshman. But with all of this said, that is not the most intriguing thing to me about WMC. From day one, in every single one of my classes, I was challenged by my teachers to grow in my faith in Jesus Christ, and to strive harder in my studies to be the best possible student I could be. Every teacher had a heavy heart for their students. You could see it on their faces. You could hear in their voices. You could sense it in their prayers they prayed before classes. It was such an inspiring feeling to know that your teacher wanted you to succeed. Though I may have failed or acted up in a class, they never gave up on me. They continued to pour into my life. I cannot thank the teachers I have had these past 3 years enough for all that they have done for me, and helping me become the man of God I am today. I don't know where I would be if it were not for West Memphis Christian - and I say that as sincerely as possible. You really helped change my life. Thank you.


Patricia Foster
Parent of Elementary Student

I am thankful for West Memphis Christian School.  My son Gavin transferred from a different local school to WMCS this year.  This school, their wonderful teachers and staff, along with the kind and understanding students have changed my sons life!  Gavin is finally loving life.  He is comfortable at school and loves it!  The smaller setting and Christian environment is just what Gavin needed.  We have great schools but for Gavin, WMCS is the best!  Thank you WMCS for changing my sons life!  Life is easier, better and more enjoyable for Gavin.  I am truly thankful!


Derek and Melanie Beyer
Parents of three WMCS Students in High School and Elementary

After becoming disillusioned by the public education system, we began a search for a private school for our children.  This search led us to West Memphis Christian School.  In WMCS, we found a school that meets our children's academic needs, that challenges them to fully reach their academic potential, that reinforces our Christian family values, and that is financially possible.  The staff and students made the transition into a new school, where they new only one person, so easy for our children.  We are grateful for the "family" feel that the school has and for the teachers that truly care about their students.  These teachers prove daily that teaching is more than just a job to them.  We are glad that our children are able to learn about the Bible on a daily basis at school. Our family does not attend the Church of Christ and has not  felt that any differences in our church philosophies have been a problem; our children are simply being taught about God! There are so many more things that we could say about WMCS that can't adequately be put into words. Simply stated, we were looking for a good school for our children; we found that and so much more at West Memphis Christian!





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