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Spiritual Life on Campus

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West Memphis Christian School focuses not on just life (bio), but the One who made life.

West Memphis Christian School analyzes not just formulas, but the One who constructed them in the beginning.

West Memphis Christian School does not just sing and play, but instead lets the One who orchestrated the music of life direct us all.

West Memphis Christian School does not just read about historical events, but clarifies who the One is who is acting out His plan throughout time.

West Memphis Christian School does not just draw and paint, but lets the beauty of the One great artist of the universe inspire us.

West Memphis Christian School does not just examine sentence structures, but seeks the One who created languages and communicates with His people.

Our mission at West Memphis Christian School strives for this one thing...dedication to Excellence in Education in a safe, positive, Christian environment (To be like Jesus based on Luke 2:52 – intellectually, physically, spiritually, and socially).

To accomplish our mission we plan for the following events and programs:

  • Bible classes at all levels
  • Regular chapel programs at all grade levels
  • Special themed weeks
    • Discipleship Week
    • Persecuted Church Week
    • Passionately Pure Week
    • Holy Week before Easter
    • Prayer and Missions Week
  • Student leadership/Mentoring Team
  • Student Praise Team and Drama Team
  • Lock-ins and special events for WMCS students
  • Special programs throughout the year on Christian character development




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For all students.

First Year Down -

Students finished the first year with iPads as new technologies lie ahead

Clash of the Colors

Seventh graders pull for their dry-selves in the Clash of the Colors Competition to begin the year.

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