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Buy A Brick to fund technology resources at WMCS.

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Buy a Brick Campaign to raise funds for technology resources.

Buy A Brick Fundraiser for Technology

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Alumni Commons will be a gathering place for students outside the front doors of the school. The area will be landscaped with greenery and include benches and tables.


4x8" Bricks are $75

  • Up to 3 lines of text (18-20 characters)
  • Clip art available for $10. Choose on of ours or submit your own.

8x8" Bricks are $140

  • Up to 6 lines of text (18-20 characters)
  • Clip art available for $10. Choose on of ours or submit your own.


Technological Resources Desired:

  • Upgrade all computers on campus along with the software.
  • Wireless service available for student use.
  • Wireless devices for classroom use.
  • Interactive projectors for all classrooms.
Roger  Gilmore Evin Cooper Class of 2017 Go Black Knights!
Chuck  Farr Taylor Farr Class of 2013
Chuck  Farr In Honor of John Armstrong The Farr Family
Chuck  Farr Our First Coach Readus Tatum The Farr Family
Jeff Tacker In Memory of  John Tacker School Board Member 1982-1989 The Tacker Family
Jeff Tacker Shali Tacker Class of 2012 Go Black Knights!
Jeff Tacker Harold Redd WMCS Bible Teacher "Let's Plow"
Edwin Dawsey Edwin Dawsey Class of 1989
Chuck  Farr TBD
Lannie Lancaster Jackson Lancaster Class of 2017 Go Black Knights!
Lannie Lancaster In Memory of  Emma McGarah The Lancaster Family
Lannie Lancaster In Memory of  Bennie & Lucille Jackson The Lancaster Family
Lannie Lancaster In Honor of Jeff & Pam House Hunter & Alex House Chip & Mallory Roeder & Lilah Roeder
Lannie Lancaster In Honor of Lannie Lancaster Sr & Helen Lancaster
Lannie Lancaster In Honor of Eugene & Olive Vaughn Jackson Lancaster
Lannie Lancaster In Honor of The Faculty, Staff & Administration Of WMCS The Lancaster Family
Lannie Lancaster In Honor of Judy & Denton Brooks The Lancaster Family
Lannie Lancaster In Honor of Donald & Sandy Felts Bubba Lancaster
Lannie Lancaster In Memory of  "Big Ed" Farr The Lancaster Family
Lannie Lancaster In Honor of Linda Farr The Lancaster Family
Lannie Lancaster In Honor of Lyndal & Loretta Dale The Lancaster Family
Lannie Lancaster In Honor of Richard & Glenda Runions
Al Creekmore In Memory of  Lus & Zela Creekmore Al & Susan Creekmore
Al Creekmore In Memory of  John & Eunice Justus Al & Susan Creekmore
Anonymous   In Honor of Bettye Cox We Love You!
Tim Williams In Memory of  Earnest A Williams The Williams Family
Tim Williams In Memory of  Denise R. Williams The Williams Family
Debbie Wallace Kindergarten Class of 2011-2012 Debbie Wallace
Traci Felts To God be the Glory for the Things He Has Done
Traci Felts Dream   Believe Achieve Don Hilburn
Dwayne  Hicks Cameron Hicks John 3:16
Brad Campbell The Campbell Family Brad Class of 1987 Judith Class of 1988 Grant Class of 2013 Chase Class of 2017 Luke Class of 2022
Byron Holloway Byron (1981) - Amy Brady and Madelyn Holloway
Byron Holloway In Honor of Edgar and Irma Holloway
Dana  Dickson Morgan Dickson  '12 Tra Dickson '13 Go Knights!
Justin Henson In Loving Memory of David & Ethel Barnes Parents, Grandparents,

Great Grandparents of

Joyce Riley, Vickie & Justin Henson
Keith Nicholson In Memory of  Douglas Maddox The Nicholsons


Don Hilburn I Believe


Stacy  Casper In Memory of  Kelly Doty-Brossett 1981-2010 CH Robinson Family
Loretta Tacker Tacker Grandchildren Shali Tacker '2012 Wesley Taylor '2014 Ashley Taylor '2014 Mark Tacker '2015 Josh Tacker '2020
Loretta Tacker Loretta Tacker Kindergarten Teacher 1975 - 1979
Loretta Tacker Jeffrey Wayne Tacker Class of 1987
Loretta Tacker Lisa Tacker Taylor Class of 1989
Jessica Lawrence Hadley Lawrence Class of 2029
Jessica Lawrence Jessica Terral Class of 2000 Go Black Knights!
TJ Patterson In Loving Memory of Harold Patterson, Sr. The Patterson Family
Carolyn Vickers In Memory of  Dewey and Maudie Blake
Deana  Stewart Ben Stewart Class of 2003
Deana  Stewart Dale Stewart Class of 1992 School Board
Deana  Stewart Bobby & Deana Stewart School Board
Deana  Stewart The Stewart Family Parker Class of 2018 Ryan Class of 2022 Jake Class of 2025 Nana & Grandaddy
Mary Anne  Pike In Memory of  Marie Atkins A True Black Knight
Mary Anne  Pike In Honor of Kaye Black
Wendy Mathenia Emily Mathenia Romans 5:8
Roger  Gilmore In Memory of  Mrs. Engelhart Evin Cooper
Gene Rowland In Memory of  Lester Rowland
Traci Ward In Honor of Bill and Kitty Slaughter We love you! Faye and Zach
Val Ramer In Honor of Dr. Greg Ramer Class of 1997 In Honor of Wade Ramer Class of 1994
Rhonda  Reece David Reece Class of 2012
Rhonda  Reece Daniel Reece Class of 2014
Jennifer  Cook Go WMCS! Riley and Avery Cook
Janice  Simon In Memory of  Carla Renee Reavis Carl Reavis
Jim  Skelton Tony Skelton Class of 1982
Jim  Skelton Becky Skelton Ham Class of 1985
Jim  Skelton Brianna Ham Class of 2015
Jim  Skelton Nathaniel Ham Class of 2017
Becky  Ham In Honor of Jim & Betty Skelton The Ham Family
Becky  Ham The Ham Family 2012
Becky  Ham Eddie Ham Go Black Knights
John Weldon Key Weldon Miller Kevin Miller Class of 1982 & 2005
Lyndal Dale Thanks WMCS Dreamers Bruce/Elsie Phillips Cylde/Nema Richmond Butch/Mary Anne Pike Marvin/Gene Thompson From the Dale Family
Lyndal Dale The Dale Children Lori  Class of '90 Landon  Class of '94 Layton  Class of 96 Cameron  Class of '21 By Lyndal and Loretta
Roger  Gilmore In Honor of Don Hilburn From Evin Cooper
Roger  Gilmore In Honor of Coach Bobby Stewart From Evin Cooper
Bill Wheeler In Honor of  Leslie Mosley The Wheeler Family
A. Mosley Our Soul Blesses Our Great Father Every Day That He Has Gladdened Our Lives With Our Grandchildren
A. Mosley Nikki Dickerson '98 Wheeler Mosley '10 Carlee Smith Mosley '14 Love Nanny and Grandaddy (Deke)
A. Mosley To Honor With God's Richest Blessings Bert R. Mosley '83 Leslie Wheeler Mosley '83 Love Mom & Dad
A.  Mosley In Loving Memory of Renee' Mosley Smith Loved By All Who Knew Her Mom, Dad & Family
Beni Bonucchi In Memory of  Mandi Bonucchi Oakes Class of 1997
Mary Sue Graham In Memory of  Howard Graham Caleb ' 94   Katie '95    
Traci Felts Bailey Felts Class of 2016      
Jessi  Durmeier In Memory of  Jayne Peters 4th Grade 2012
Traci Felts 1998 - 2001 Hannah Marie Holt 2007-2010    
Traci Felts In Honor of  Richard Williford Williford Realty    
Traci Felts Drake Holt Class of 2010 Godspeed    
Jamie Nix Jackson Daniel Nix "Jacko" Class of 2015    
Anonymous   I was lost now I'm found      
Brandon Dail In Honor of Brandon Dail Class of 2013    
Edith Dail Brian Dail Class of 2010 Go Black Knights!    
Edith Dail In Loving Memory of  Barney & Betty Hulsey We miss you - Love Edith, Tom, Brian & Brandon Dail
Traci Price Claire Price Class of 2016      
Natoshia Wooten In Memory of  Sue Wooten The Wooten Family    




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